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19th May 2024 
Susanne opal 1
Suzanne statuette c.1925 H-23cm
Rampillon opal b
Rampillon vase c.1927 H-12.7cm cm
PAGE 1. StatuetteDrapeewsr
Statuette drapee seal c.1925 H-6.5cm

Inseparables opal 1

Inseparables clock c.1926 H-11cm





PAGE 1. Danaidesopalw2
Danaides vase c.1926 H-18.3cm


PAGE 1. Thaisopal1
Thais statuette c.1925 H-23cm

PAGE 1. Soudanopalaw
Soudan vase c.1928 H-17.5cm


PAGE 1. Roncesw
Ronces vase c.1921 H=23cm


Renoncules opal b
Renoncules vase c.1930 H-15cm
PAGE 1. Soucisopalw
Soucis vase c.1930 H-18cm


Gui opal rown
Gui vase c.1920 H-17cm


Formose opal blue
Formose vase c.1924 H-17.5cm




PAGE 1. Formoseopalgreyw
Formose vase c.1924 H-17.5cm


PAGE 1. Raisinsopalw
Raisins vase c.1928 H=15.5cm



St Francois

St Francois vase c.1930 H-17.5cm



PAGE 1. Muscatlaveraisinsw
Muscat lave-raisins c.1938 H-16.5cm

PAGE 1. Beautrellisw
Beautreillis vase c.1927 H-14.5cm
PAGE 1. Moissacopal2w
Moissac vase c.1927 H-13cm

PAGE 1. PiriacopalBw
Piriac vase c.1930 H-18cm



PAGE 1. Graines5
Graines vase c.1930 H-20cm


Ornis 1

Ornis vase c.1926 H-19cm



Perruches opal b

Perruches bowl c.1931 D-24,5cm


Calypso bowl s

Calypso bowl c.1932 D-30cm





Muguets bowl 1

Muguets bowl c.1931 D-24cm





Dauphins dish s

Dauphins coupe plat c.1932 D-28.5cm





Lys bowl s

Lys bowl c.1924 D-23.5cm





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